Product Overview

Get out of that hot, stuffy kitchen and get that authentic wood-fired taste right in your own backyard.

Two Cooking Chambers
Our double-insulated smoker oven and a brick hearth baking oven are both fully lined in stainless steel. The lower baking oven retains heat through its fully lined brick hearth base, sealed from smoke & ash. The upper smoker oven circulates that authentic wood- fired taste while smoke roasting foods to perfection. This combination offers endless opportunities: Smoke Roast, Hot Smoke, Cold Smoke, Bake, Braise, Plank, and Slow Roast. The feature-laden EcoQue Pizza Oven and Smoker operates with an efficiency that will surprise you, and deliv- ers results that will delight family and friends.
Convenient slide-out handles and large, sturdy wheels allow you to easily roll it into action
Slide-out Firebox
The oven’s unique Slide-Out Firebox makes firing up and maintaining optimum heat levels a snap. The Firebox is airtight, allowing your fuel to burn slowly and efficiently
Nearly four cubic feet of weath- erproof storage is built into the oven’s base, keeping both fuel and accessories dry and readily accessible.
Dual Luminous Dial Thermometers
Enable you to easily monitor and maintain two distinct cooking environments.
Custom-fit Cover
To protect your investment, a custom-fit cover is available — sold separately
Everything You Need
The oven comes equipped with two heavy-duty roasting pans, a sliding rack, an oversized food prep tray, and a high-quality ceramic pizza stone to supply you with everything you’ll need to prepare great meals.